Leppävesi contracting workshop

The workshop manufactures high-quality products for the wood processing, metal, food and graphic industries. Our core competences comprise semi-heavy and heavy welding and sheet metal fabrication and demanding CNC machining. Diversified subassemblies – the various parts of the whole – are seamlessly integrated by way of our assembly and installation services, uncompromising passion to serve our customers and the extensive subcontractor network. Our special knowhow is well manifested in comprehensive machine and equipment deliveries and exacting steel construction deliveries.

Premises and machines/equipment

Our machines and equipment for demanding CNC machining and weldable steel constructions are efficient and functional. The existing state-of-the-art equipment is continuously upgraded to meet the customers' requirements. In the welding sector, we are specialised in both MAG welding of steel constructions and TIG welding of stainless steel pipes. Our certified professional welders have comprehensive knowledge of welding requirements and weld classes. We also have an automatic saw, several band saws, radial drilling machines and a sheet metal cutter, a CNC edging press, a sheet metal roller and versatile assembly and installation tools. Our premises are located six kilometres from the centre of Jyväskylä towards Laukaa. The production hall, comprising 2,500 square meters, is owned by the company and the crane capacity ranges up to 15 tons.